Top Ten Toys for Christmas

December 6, 2016

Hi Guys, Happy Early Christmas – for those of you who are so excited and don’t know whats out there for the best Christmas Toys – then here it is, I am your new Christmas fairy for 2016. I have bought you my top ten toys that has been featured in The Sun and on Heart FM too. 

No 10. Lego Friends – The Entertainer

Lego Friends – I love Lego and its always been one of the toys that I always want for Xmas – with Lego Friends you can build Vetinarys, Bakery’s and even build a Dolls House! So much Fun x


No 9. Speak Out – The Entertainer

Speak Out is a very fun game indeed! Each player has to take a turn and read out the sentences on a card – you have to do this whilst wearing a plastic mouth piece that holds your mouth open! Its great fun and comes with 6 mouth pieces so you can get lots of your friends and family involved. Great for birthday parties and sleep overs.


No 8. BopIt – The Entertainer

Bop It – It’s the ultimate reaction game that teaches me how to have excellent reflex’s – its so much fun, you have to keep up with the commands or you will lose! A great reaction game for any age.


No 7.  Remote Control Inflatable – BladezToys 

Disney Star Wars by BladezToys is so cool – it’s a radio-control inflatable BB-8 or Darth Vader, you are able to move them around with a remote control, I love this because I get it to come around the house with me haha– They are really cool as you can play fight with the family or if you get lazy you can get it to clean your bedroom.. Only Joking!


No 6 – Kurio – Toys R us

Kurio Watches – these watches are spy-tastic and they are great myself and The IT Kids all have them and we often play games by synchronising to each other watches through Bluetooth, you can also take pics, send messages – you can even make message drawrings, photos, texts and send voice notes. One of the great things is the photo-editor – as we all know “I like to take a picture, I edit and I crop it, then share it with the world – because I’m a Bloggaholic” lol Joking


No 5 – Gel-A-Peel – The Entertainer 

This is one of my favourites and everyone knows I love to make things – especially Jewellery and bracelets – this is the ultimate set and they even have a deluxe version if you want to go really crazy for Christmas – this year I will definitely be making some of my Christmas gifts for my friends and family from Gel-a-Peel.


No 4 – Selfie Mic – The Entertainer 

What can I say Selfie Mic is AWESOME.. I’m Loving It, Loving It, Loving it! I love to sing and I love Karaoke. Its great because you can download the Star Maker App and choose from 1000s of songs to sing along to and film yourself too! Ingenious – Hmm think my Mum would need one of these too! Haha.


No 3 – Project MC2 – The Entertainer 

Project MC2 – I love Netflix and for those of you who know about these great dolls they are the bomb!! Project MC2 is one of the best series on there and I have watched all of them. The dolls have really cool outfits, accessories and they also have really cool activities. Each character has different skills such as Mathematics, Science, Art, Tech and dependant on what skill they possess – the activity will be linked to the same skill. I have skills maybe Project Mc2 should have a Amazing Arabella doll? X


No 2 – Dareway – ToysRus

Do you Dare get on a Dareway! Errr Yeaahhh! These are so fab and one really important feature is that they are safe to ride. They are great fun for riding on, going to pick up your friends – in-fact The IT Kids all have one and we all meet up and go out with them. Haha no more walking for us.. Lets Race!! 


No 1 – NERF – The Entertainer

Well here is it Guys! This is the winner in my book – the Ultimate Nerf Gun – So I found a mega Nerf Gun – so much fun and listen don’t tell anyone but I already have mine, when my little brother JD the Kid turns up with his little Nerf.. Haha It’s Nerf Time – sorry MEGA Nerf Time!

There you have it my favourite Top 10 – I hope you enjoyed my favourites, I so enjoyed telling you all about them and can’t wait to see what’s under The Christmas Tree this year! 

To all you lovely people who are reading this – Happy Shopping & a very Amazing Happy Christmas to you all!


Amazing Arabella speaks at The House of Commons

November 25, 2016

Hello everyone – it’s me Amazing Arabella – well today I am actually Lady-Arabella and I am speaking at The House of Commons about positivity and equality for young people. 


For those of you who have just joined my blog – I am 12 years old and in December will be turning into a official teenager wow, how time flies especially when you are growing up. 


I speak today for RoundTable Global. RoundTable is a new kind of organisation where talented contributors from around the world are empowered to work in partnership with our clients to create exciting solutions without the constraints of unnecessary infrastructure and hierarchy. 


My talk today is all about equality and positivity in young people, I have been raised to believe that we should all try and be positive to the best of our abilities and try to encourage your younger siblings male or female and those whom are around you to do the same. 


I understand that some situations are not so easy and its difficult to do this, however associations like RoundTable help and support and I encourage agencies and individuals to seek out support that is available to them. 


I am a young person and I understand that as a social media influencer, I have a impact on young people as thousands of young people read my blog all over the world, I try my best to deliver content that is relatable, fun and relevant to my fanbase – I receive Hundreds of comments and emails every day suggesting subjects that I can blog or vlog about and its encouraging to know that I can make a difference.  I believe if I am positive and encourage equality and diversity in my content, that this will help whomever is reading, watching my vlogs or following my social media. 


I have noticed that there are many young girls and boys especially out there that reach out to me and ask for my advice on certain subjects – Its difficult when your growing up, especially when you get to my age and life is changing dramatically, however I feel remaining positive and moving forward is part of growing up – so I always encourage that. 


Boy or Girl – do what you love and be amazing at it! Be positive, be creative, free your mind, & try new things, if you like them, then do them to the best of your ability, if you don’t then its a past experience.  Just be free and be happy!