Cara Delevigne & Amazing Arabella Support Lady Garden

October 15, 2016

Hi Guys,

So last year – I supported a great charity called Woobs – which raised awareness of Breast Cancer.

This time I would like to tell all my fans about a very real situation that we should all be paying attention to!


Lady Garden is a campaign run by a group of British women including Gynaecological Cancer Fund founder Chloe Delevingne, whose mission is to “empower women everywhere to talk openly — without shyness or shame.”


I want to show you why I am supporting this charity and their mission and like Chloe, we think its important to empower women everywhere!

I think that all young girls should also be aware and educate themselves and this is why I wanted to blog about it to you!


My Mum always tells me to be careful when I am out and just in general and I do try to do just that!

Dangers occur daily, it could be crossing the road, being careful when I am cooking or using electrical appliances or even just being wary of strangers when I am out.


For those of you who don’t know I love to climb big trees and can jump up walls and with this there is always a danger element.


Today I am climbing a massive Oak in my Garden – Its tall, old and till now I have always been defeated. The pictures I have taken tell the story of my climb to the top of this tree

When I eventually got the top bar all the dangers I was thinking about , It made me realise that we could all be trying to dodge all life dangers

However we could all be living with a danger that is internal. #Silentnomore


I believe in letting Girl Learn and we should educate our minds and self about the dangers of Gynaecological Cancer


Be aware of Dangers whether you can see them or not!




If you would like to know more please visit Lady Garden.

Let empower together and be everything we can be!

Amazing Arabella XX