Wow New Project MC2

March 23, 2017
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Hi Guys, so am super dooper excited to have celebrated British Science Week last week by showcasing my favourite dolls from the fab new series on Netflix PROJECT MC2. 

Project Mc2 is a team of four super-smart and seriously cool girls who use their love of science and their spy skills as they go on missions for secret organisation, NOV8(that’s “innovate”!). They’re real girls with real skills ready to take on anything and now an original series, only on Netflix!

Yep – you heard it not only did I get to celebrate by dressing up as my favourite characters Camryn, Bryrden, Mckeyla and Adrienne, which was so much fun. I also got to be really scientific, learning how to do some fab experiment which I am blogging about today. 

First up 

Camryn – she gets creative and is in the construction zone, she is known at maywood glen academy for her high IQ, her real genius comes out in the garage and can also be seen catching speeds of 60mph on her super souped up skateboard. 

The experiment that I will be doing with Camryn is learn how to make your own Lipstick – Omg guys how cool is this. 


So if you want to do this yourself you can go buy the kit from any leading toy-store and do it all yourself 


For those of you who cant wait here is a link  you can watch me make my own lipstick by clicking the picture above


So if you loved that video then you will also love my video of Adrienne Atoms she is a culinary chemist, she loves Science and is very girly with it too! So with my Adrienne Doll – I will be unboxing her super stylish, super spy bag. Omg guys this bag is so cool wait till you see whats inside, you can watch my video right here click the picture below


How super scientific is that and guys remember “Smart is the new cool”

IMG_8592 (1)

Next up we have one of my favourite characters from the series Bryden – Bryden is crazy about social media and the Internet – sound like someone you know? Yep you guessed it little me! Haha. She loves tweeting about rad tech stuff, music, and digital photography &  just don’t ask her to go camping or anywhere without a hotspot. Like me she’s a 24/7 #Digitaldarling.

So in the box with Bryden you have a great little experiment where you can make your own Panda speaker which can be plugged directly into your phone or tablet.

DSC_0026 (1)

Also watch how I designed my own Nail Art with Adrienne Nail Art Kit


So now for my very favourite off all the characters Mckeyla the leader of the group NOV (Innovate) McKeyla McAlister  is a writer, hipster and undercover spy. She loves to read when she isnt journaling and if that is not enough she really enjoys saving the world with her #dreamteam.

Unboxing Mckeyla was so much fun – oh just to let you know guys my outifts were all inspired by the characters in the show and I love love love to dress up just like them, girls it really makes you stand out. 🙂


Mckeyla experiment is so cool – I got to make my very own Lava Lipgloss that lights up – I cant wait for you to watch the video so you can see how its done too.

So there you have it guys – all my favourite characters – celebrating STEAM and British Science Week. I love Science, Tech, Engineering, Art and Maths and also love the Project Mc2 Dolls and all of their experiments.

Guys lets get SCIENTIFIC and remember #sitnc (Smart is the new cool)

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Camryn Doll 

Adrienne Doll

Bryden Doll

Mckeyla Doll

Fashion – New Look 915 Teen Range 

Styled by Lisa Jayne Millinery 

Make-up by Mirror Mirror


Fly me to Italy

March 7, 2017

Hi Guys, Amazing Arabella here! 

So everyone knows I am mad about Fashion and so obsessed with the fashion that is showcased around the world! Well, Guess what my next stop is… Italy Florence! Yep you guessed it, I am off to see all the latest collections and to catch up with all my favourite designers.


So we are flying with City Jet, a fab family friendly airline that is a joy to fly with, they cater for families, professionals and most importantly in my case Teens & Kids. City Jet A choice between three fare families, CityValue, CityFlex and CityPremium, offers fixed or flexible fare options.


All three feature complimentary snacks and drinks, luxury leather seats with ample legroom, a free 23kg checked-in bag allowance which is really important.C2eD00vXUAAHY9X

The staff are so lovely and always are so welcoming when we fly with them!


We love meeting the crew, especially the pilots and as a extra treat we get to sit in the cock-pit too! What a fab, fun bunch!


So we land in Florence, this time we are partnering with AirBnb and the apartment is nice, located not to far from Fortezza De Basso and the centre – Florence is a great city and I love Italian people they are soooo coool!!


So here we are at Pitti and I kid you not my heart is racing and my eyes are popping out of my head – I cant wait to see what else they have.


Here are some of the designers that I will collaborating with on my social media – Desigual one of my absolute favourites! 

C2id4mOXcAAn5i5Vingino oh yes definitely love love this brand – watch this space

C2jV5tCXAAETUhdDenny Rose – love their new collection 


Ahh Happiness is what its all about. 


There we go – spread the word with a little bit of happiness! 


Quick stop at the Vogue Bambini stand then off we go to get some traditional Italian food! 


I have opted for Cannelloni and I must say this looks so nice – cant wait to tuck in!  

Good nights rest then heading back to London 

Guys I had a AMAZING TIME – we are now heading back with City Jet!! Roll on London Fashion Week


Blazer – Harry Hall

Jumper – River Island

Jeans – River Island

Boots – Public Desire