National Chocolate Day

September 14, 2017

Guys its National Chocolate Day and all this month Chocolate will be celebrated all around the world. I am mad about Chocolate – so I set myself a challenge to find the weirdest and most fun chocolate around. 


So if you are a mad about gaming and chocolate then head over to Friars for The Works Milk Chocolate Games Controller – 75g 


Crazy about Lego, then these are just for you then head over to Present Box Chocolate Building Blocks – Milk & White Chocolate


Love fish but just cant stand the taste – then these chocolate sardines should sort you right out! Chocolate Trading Co 


This Choco Pizza is sending me crazy! Calling all Pizza Lovers here is the ChocoPizza from The Conran Shop


So New IPHONE 8 is out and we love it so much we want to eat it! Only Joking guys get your edible I Phone here at LittleWoods

shoppingFor all you beauty freaks out there I know you will love this, your very own Lipstick that you can eat! 🙂 By the Chocolate Trading Co 

There you have it some delicious chocoholic pressies to give your choco loving friends 

Thats all from me now XOXO

Starley and Amazing Arabella @ Fusion Fest

September 10, 2017

Guys so I am back and with another fabulous Interview with the very beautiful and talented Starley – This lady does not only have great curly hair, but she also sand the hit track “Call on Me”, I am so blessed to be meeting this amazing singer and entertainer – I absolutely adore her musicSTARLEY

Starley Hope known as Starley, is Australian she is a dance-pop singer/songwriter from Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. Since she was a little girl she loved music and soon moved to London to pursue her career in music, and rightly so she is so good! She featured, In 2016  as the main vocalist on Odd Mob’s “Into You,” which went to number one on the Australian charts, and her solo debut, “Call on Me,” my favourite, was a bigger international hit, charting all over the world. 


So we caught up with the Starley at Fusion Festival, make sure to watch her on the vlog on my YouTube Channel

What inspires you to create the the music you make? 

I think my biggest inspiration is my life, life is full of experiences – going through the up and downs, I think it always helps me to write something soulful!

Wow! And so who is your favourite Artist?

Favourite Artist ever in life, hmm thats a tough one, I think Mariah Carey has to be No 1.

Oh I love Mariah Carey she is amazing! So what did you like in the Artist Lounge

I got a real cute red watch from Ingersoll they are so cool!


How AHH-MAZING is Starley and so pretty! 


So lets learn some cool fun facts about the star

Starleys favourite colour is Purple 

Her favourite artist beside Mariah is Prince

She speaks English only but her family are from Mauritius so they speak French

She grew up in Australia & Fav food is anything Japanese

Starley your great – now lets check out some highlights of your performance at Fusion Festival


Rocked it on stage and rocking that outfit – Go Starley 


Amazing – woop woop she killed it, you can just hear everyone singing along! 

Check Starley out on Twitter @StarleyMusic & on Instagram @ StarleyMusic