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June 23, 2017

Hey Guys, Amazing Arabella here! I am so excited, New Look have thrown me a very exclusive, very VIP party at one of their massive stores in Westfield and guess what?? Its going to be featured in SHOUT MAGAZINE!! Woop Woop. 


I have invited some of my fashionably fabulous friends to my party, some of them you may recognise from my dance troupe for Bloggerholics by myself and the exceptionally talented MC DT (Loving it).


So we have arrived, so we are now backstage in New Look and we are getting prepared and beautified by my amazing creative team Creative Director Lisa Jayne Millinery, Hair Professor Remzo and MUA Karen Salandy say hello to my Amazettes 🙂


Today I am having my hair braided back, not my normal hairstyle but I love it, and did you know that you are able to contour with airbrush – well neither did I, till I met Karen my MUA. Lisa is a star, she makes us all look glamorous and sparkly for my New Look 915 Teen VIP party. 


The party itself is hosted by the New Look party girls, who cant wait to get the party started! 


We are all ready and looking BEAUTFUL! 


The first game was to go into the store and put together 2 Ariana Grande outfits and dress the mannequin backstage in the outfits! Haha I love this already! 


Do you like Jelly Beans, yes mee too – this is a trick or treat game challenge which some of you will love or some of you will hate! Haha give it a try I wont ruin the surprise! 


After some snacks and treats, its the finale and we get to walk on our very own NEW LOOK 915 TEEN Catwalk! I can’t wait! 


So now some pics with my beautiful, fabulous friends.


and the beautiful New Look 915 TEEN party girls – Looking fabulous ladies. 🙂

DSC_0192 (1)

Thanks so much New Look & Shout Magazine for throwing me a AMAZING VIP TEEN 915 Party, the perfect party for any party girl!

BOOK YOURS NOW by calling Westfield Stratford Store on 020 8221 4150

You can also see the article online at SHOUT MAGAZINE


Fashion  – New Look 915 teen 

Magazine – Shout Magazine

Creative Director – Lisa Jayne Millinery 

Hair Professor – Remzo

MUA – Karen Salandy

Thanks to PPA and all my friends! 




May 24, 2017

Hi Guys Amazing Arabella here and I am so excited to tell you all about our fabulous educational press trip with PR BOX and we are going to the amazing Mugla which is located on the south west coast of Turkey. 


It was really great as we were going with 20 influencers just like us that feature on social media like Instagram Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. 


We are so happy to be staying at the Radisson Hotel in Stansted and leaving directly from here which is very convenient as its only 3 minutes away from the airport. We visited many places and I would like to show you all my great photos that I took during my tripImage result for ORKA SUNLIFE

Orka Sunlife Hotel was lovely 


Here I am at Dalyan Resort hotel doing a photshoot for Vingino and Guess Jeans


Saklikent is very beautiful and here is a photshoot we did for Chanel just near their fresh water waterfall


Mugla is full of beautiful beaches and picturesque coves, they have everything for the family and kids and also lots of great waterparks and scuba diving.


Here I am pictured near Osman house doing a photshoot for Primark


Here I am pictured with Life of a Blueberry, she is a Instagram star that does beautiful Make-up and a great new friend.


I love Art and Osmans House is full of great potraits, I really like how he has rebuilt the house its so beautiful.


Hey it Tarcan the Mayor he has kindly give me this lovely present of Oil and Honey. 🙂


Here I am doing a photo shoot for LongChamp and Beats by Dre 


WOW in Bodrum is another beautiful hotel that caters for everyone, we love the waterslide and the beach here. 


Liberty Lykia Hotel is stunning with great views overlooking the sea and also lots to see and do for kids, families


At Lykia, they have many spots which are inspired by Greek Mythology, and its Art so I love love love it. 


Look at this sea, Mugla is home to stunning Turquoise sea its beautiful.


Here we are at Datca – me and Jaadin the Kid enjoying the water and playing around


Tonight we are staying at the beautiful Villa Asina Hotel which is situated in Datca – I love the art inspired decor.


Here we are shooting for New Look and Adidas at the Knidos Ruins 


Hey its the very stylish and artistic owner of Villa Asina, guys you have to see the art and the way he has decorated this place its so fascinating.


And last but not least a great experience at Padok Premium learning how to ride with their excellent instructors


Was amazing and you can stay in their stunning villas too.


Pictured here overlooking the Aegean and Mediterranean Sea, check out this boat dudes. 


Another stunning picture at Villa Asina – what a great place really makes you feel happy. 🙂


and if that was not enough – me and my family have all headed over to the spa for a massage, and facial at Grand Pasa Hotel in marmaris.


Guys I had so much fun and learnt so much about the history and geography of this beautiful city, if you want to get somewhere cool and do some great things – get over to Turkey and #DiscoverMugla