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5 after Midnight & Amazing Arabella @ Fusion Fest

September 6, 2017

Amazing Arabella here and today on the blog is 5 After Midnight! So we got to see the boys perform at Fusion Fest and did the crowds go wild, er yes they did – it was so loud!


I am a huge fan and not only are they great performers, but they are a very cool group of guys – make sure you catch their interview on the vlog. 


Before we go to the interview, lets get some great, fun facts about 5 After Midnight 



Friends Nathan, Kieran and Jordan formed 5AM when they first appeared on the X Factor Show back at the beginning of September.

There are 3 members in the band, Nathan Lewis,Kieran Alleyne, and Jordan Lee 

Nathan also used to be a semi-professional basketball player

Keiran has previously appeared in a CBBC drama. 

Nathans Favourite Food: it’s gotta be Chinese, they love a good take out

 Nathans Favourite Artist: ahh that’s such a hard question, I got my all time favs like MJ, Ne-Yo etc.. but one person who I listen to a lot lately is Kehlani

Nathan Are you a Prankster? : I can be a prankster sometimes like if I catch one of ’em sleeping 


So as we know 5 After Midnight are performing at Fusion Fest here are some pics of them on stage
OMG I am so excited! The crowd is going CRAZZZZZY! WOW look at that back flip! Insane & so Awesome! 


I love 5 After Midnight and they are so much fun when you meet them in person, so lets do just that make sure you check out my VLOG released Friday on my YouTube channel AmazingArabella 

Amazing Arabella XOXO

Fusion Festival Vibes

September 5, 2017

Hi Guys, I am back and guess what, I am going to Fusion Festival in Liverpool, Fusion Festival is one of the best festivals around and this year they have Little Mix, Take That, 5 After Midnight, Jon Newman, Tinie Tempah and some other fantastic acts performing there & even better I will be interviewing them! Arggh How cool is that! 🙂


So I have never been to Liverpool before and this time around we are travelling in style with Virgin Trains in wait for it First Class! Yep the lovely people at Virgin offer a great First Class service which I cant wait to tell you all about – I am so excited, after booking our tickets with the very great and efficient Richard and picking up our tickets from Dorata at the station, we head over to the VIP Lounge, located on the first floor in Euston Station.


Its so nice in here, the decor is really futuristic and they have these great pod seats which make you feel like you are in a space ship Beam me up lol! Actually while I am on that subject, as we know JD loves games, he has just told me about the great new app Virgin have called Beam, its really cool, they have games and movies that you can watch and if you love to read you can also choose from a great selection of books, oh and don’t worry about the WIFI – if you travel First Class its free so no need to use any of your own data! 🙂 I am downloading the app as we speak.


I must say that First Class is so comfortable the seats are roomy and we have power points so can charge my phone and laptop whilst we travel, the other thing that I liked was that we had a lovely selection of food to choose from, I had the Chicken Madras wrap box, with unlimited refreshments yummy… Never hungry! 🙂 It was actually so funny, the staff onboard the Euston to Lime Street Liverpool route, were happy and so funny, they were telling us jokes and made our trip really pleasant! I am definitely travelling First Class again, Thanks Virgin for a amazing experience.


We have arrived at the Radisson Blu Liverpool, a huge hotel with a pool, spa and over 80 rooms, make sure you check out the really cool white piano in the foyer, Its so cool! 


We are staying Business Class and the rooms are huge – oooh comfy beds! 🙂


Oh look its me in Shout Magazine! Its what you would expect from Radisson as all their hotels are so nice!


So after a really great nights sleep, we head down to breakfast, I love the super breakfast that Radisson Blu offer, there is always a great selection and their fruit breakfast are to die for. Yum Yum!


So today we have a very special surprise for one of the IT Kids, its her birthday and she doesnt know that we are here so we are going to surprise her, Jemima is 13 years old and she plays for Manchester City Football Club head over to her Twitter to follow her, also get over to my YouTube to see the vlog and the surprise on her face! 🙂


So we are leaving now and before we go look who we bumped in to, the very lovely Mark, he is the GM at the Radisson Blu Liverpool and a big thanks to him for making our stay extra special with a lovely arrival card and sweets! Thanks so much Mark!


We are ready to roll out to Fusion Festival, we are all dressed to impress and ready to become festival bunnies! OMG we are so excited and again Jemima doesnt know what we are here to do, I am here to interview the artists, we are all massive fans of the artists especially Little Mix & 5 after Midnight!


WE ARE HERE! in the Artist lounge back stage and OMG it looks so amazing, I am so excited, the Artist Lounge has been expertly designed and decorated by the amazing team at Dangerous Minds, make sure to check them out they are really something to shout about 


Check out my interview with them to hear their story!  Thanks so much guys! 🙂

For those of you who love Urban wear, I introduce Forty,  high quality streetwear with an edge – you have to check them out and also their really cute story of how the design came about!


Wow look at this, Funk and Bubbles are serving up the most delicious mocktails for us with lots of fruits and flavours, check them out here and on the vlog


Wow its actually begining to look a lot like Christmas, the Christmas Decorators are a amazing company that decorate venues for Christmas, and whats even more cool is that they have a charity attached to them called the Christmas Foundation – so they go and make Christmas a better experience for Children, I love them already!DSC_0505

So if you love shiny things like me, then you will love this Tresor Paris, classic jewellery with a contemporary twist, the original Tresor Paris bracelets are so cool and I cant wait to visit their store in Hatton Gardens when I am back!


This year we have all been going on about becoming more fit and healthier, and Daniel Nachmias (The Nutrition Coach UK) is the man, he is a health and fitness coach, check his site out for more information about living that healthier lifestyle for all the family!


Being a teen, Its that time of my life when I have to get braces, I know but there is a happier solution The Liverpool Implant & Aesthetic Dental Spa offer Invisalign Teen, they will be screening mine and JD teeth – if you want to see more of how this works hit me up their may be a vlog on its way!


Ingersoll are the main partner for The Artist Lounge and they have the nicest watches, they are sending us over the Disney Ingersoll watches so look out for them on Twitter and Instagram.


Wow what a great bunch of people and brands, all the brands are so lit and I cant wait to show them off to you on my social media platforms

DSC_0530 (1)

So before we go into Interview mode lets take a quick picture with Troy on the media board, there you have it guys now on to the bit I have been waiting for Interviewing the artists.


Capital FM are also interviewing lots of artists, I am so excited! If you want to know what I found out about whilst talking to the Artists watch out for them on the blog this week! The festival was so lit guys it was heaving with festival, party people and the vibe was so amazing – the Artists absolutely smashed it21271321_1952439375031591_1000257423008752797_n

There were fair rides, a fabulous McFlurry tent and so much to see and do – everyone looked really happy and I am not surprised as its the best festival I have been to all year! Bring it on all over again Fusion Festival!


So guys make sure you keep tuned to the blog this week as their will be lots of celebrity content going up! Thanks to the team at Fusion Festival & Dawbell and a thanks to all the Artists that I met, you are all such great performers and lovely people! Keep Shining!


Outfit – New Look

Shoes – Clarks

Hat – Lisa Jayne Millinery