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Gui-tar me up! Disney CoCo is here!

May 25, 2018

Hi Guys, 

Amazing Arabella here and I am super excited as Disney CoCo is out on Blu-Ray & DVD, and I am collaborating with Disney Pixar to celebrate just that!


Today we are at Mestizo Restaurant in London to learn how to make the Tamales, its a traditional Mexican food and is so cool! Look at the cool decor – its so awesome! 


Myself and JD were having a competition about who would make the best one! Obviously it was me actually it was my Mum she was really good at it – head over to her blog to check out what we got up 


They have asked me to design a guitar in a theme that relates to Disney Pixar CoCo and then they will get it hand-painted by top designer #QuentineDevine – yep and the guitars are all from Camden Guitars – how cool is that! See below for details on how to win my guitar!


Now if you haven’t seen the movie yet – then here’s what its all about – So Miguel the main character, despite his family’s generations-old ban on music, young Miguel dreams of becoming an accomplished musician like his idol Ernesto de la Cruz. Desperate to prove his talent, Miguel finds himself in the stunning and colourful Land of the Dead. After meeting a charming trickster named Héctor, the two new friends embark on an extraordinary journey to unlock the real story behind Miguel’s family history.


Thanks Disney we have had a amazing day – your team are the best!! And we are loving our new Disney Coco Pixar Coco backpacks – wonder whats inside?


This is a amazing story and you will just love it, Its full of exciting scenes and will keep you on the edge of your seat! The animation is superb, Disney Pixar I just love love love it! So if you love the film and want to win my personalised guitar, then head over to my Instagram and tell me why you deserve to win it! Simple! 

Have a great day guys and don’t forget to grab your copy of the Blu-Ray or Dvd its out now 

Amazing Arabella XOXO

Cruise Ahoy!! Royal Caribbean

May 19, 2018


Hi Guys,

32608963_10217081430014551_645037644715130880_oAmazing Arabella here and OMG guess what? I have been invited on-board Royal Caribbean’s ship, the magnificent Independence of the Seas which has just had a makeover. Yes you heard me right I am on my first ever cruise and I can’t wait to tell you all about it! Cruises depart from different terminals than planes which is good if you don’t like flying, so we are heading to the Mayflower Terminal in Southampton.


How exciting we are greeted by so many smiles, such a warm welcome at the Mayflower terminal! And look who we have bumped into The Sugar Beach Fairy – she’s super sweet and if you didn’t know she looks after Sugar Beach which is located onboard the #IndependenceOfTheSeas,  so if you want to taste the most tastiest sweets around then she’s your fairy! ???


Here we are checked in by the very friendly staff and we are about to board this huge ship!  I am so excited I can’t even speak! Woop Woop!


So our family suite is super nice, myself and JD have decided to have some chill time after all that travelling before we go and explore the ship! But for now think I will chill and read a magazine! Watch my Vlog to see the amazing views and room tour!


So now I’m rested, “Come on JD lets see what there is to do!” They have lots of different events such as a welcome party by the poolside, which is very cool and also live music playing directly on the deck with a large screen which streams music and movies – and wait for it a water park area called Splashaway Bay. Splashaway Bay features water slides, fountains, pools and a really large drench bucket. Watch out JD your going to get drenched by the giant water bucket! Ha-ha 


Now the ship is huge and has 18 decks when I say decks I don’t mean a deck of cards ha-ha no I’m joking I mean floors in the ship 13 can you believe it – its so huge! Because it so large you have to really get used to it but once you know your way round you will have no problem.


 So what is there to do on this vessel! Well where do I start: they have kids clubs for toddlers, kids and also teens and also have an on-board nightclub for teenagers called Fuel! “Come on JD lets go throw some shapes on the dance floor” – I hear our favourite tunes playing!” ??

So the kids clubs are really cool here and there are lots to do – so if you are 3-17 you have everything on board the clubs are called Aquanauts ages 3-5, Explorers ages 6-8 and then you have the Fuel Teen Disco which is awesome, the teens-only club lets you dance along to some of your favourite tunes all located on the 12th deck of the ship and if that’s not enough you can sing along at one of the family karaoke on-board!

Ha-ha I know where we will be heading! ?


They also have some super cool activities that you can book like Sky Pad where you can have a out of the world bungee trampoline experience with a VR Headset, and guys its so cool! You get strapped into the bungee and put on the VR headset – you bounce on the trampoline whilst playing the game in Virtual Reality – cool right wait till you try it! You will love it!! ❤️


Next on the list is FlowRider now this was one of my favourites, you have to surf the waves on a surf board and its so cool but you have to have good balance like me, if not you will end up falling off just like my Mum did! Ha-ha its so much fun! ?


And if that’s not enough this deck also has two racer slides and they are sooo fast! The Cyclone and Typhoon are so much FUN! We were addicted and kept going on and on! Honestly guys you will not be able to get off these super fast wild water slides.  ??


Now that we have toured the top deck – we are eager to find out what there is to eat so we head over to Fish and Ships  snack bar located by the poolside – they do fish, chips, calamari and scampi – and guys the food is soooo tasty!  We have a bite to eat just before muster – Now muster is the cruise emergency drill – the Royal Caribbean staff give you a safety demo and tell you where you need to assemble. Safety first guys! ?✨


Exploring the rest of the ship is on the list and we head over to the video arcades – yep you heard me right and the best part is most of the arcade games are included so you don’t have to get tokens or carry lots of spare change you just swipe your suite card and you can have endless play all day long if you like. Ha-ha at least I know where I will find JD The Gamer Kid :)?


Now there are so many restaurants and snack bars on board – the main dining room is called Windjammer, which has two speciality restaurants. On this deck you’ll find Chops Grille (Steak House) and the other is called Giovanni’s (Italian) both are delicious and equally as lovely as the food in the main dining hall – you can get all types of foods on board from burgers, fries, pasta and even Ice-Cream. There is so much to choose from. And look at this amazing humungous cake welcoming us on board! I am home!!! ?


Now for the evening entertainment there is so much going on, now one of our favourites is the theatre where they are showcasing Grease The Musical, there is also karaoke, gaming and also shopping which we are so excited about – you see we bought our Mum a watch for Mothers Day because she is so awesome and because we love her so much – so guys if you want to buy some pressies for your friends and family head down to the promenade shopping deck and take a browse. ?


Now speaking of the promenade, there is a very sweet place called Sugar Beach and guys if you remember the sugar fairy at the start of our holiday, she was not joking when she said Sugar Beach has all the sweets you desire. Check out the vlog you will love it!! ?


One of the coolest things that we did on board was get to meet Travis Kamiyama top Japanese head chef for Izumi restaurants – yep they have one on board and Travis taught myself, JD and my Mum, how he makes the best teppanyaki style sushi on the seas. Go follow him on social media he is one super cool dude! ?


If you love Art there is a Art Gallery on one of the lower decks and the painting were insane – take a look?


So now that we have have explored the kids, clubs, dining, super fun and awesome activities we are heading over to watch Star Wars which is being played at the poolside – they play two movies every night and what’s so awesome is that you can jump in the Jacuzzi and watch it whilst your having fun with lots of warm bubbles or even to chill out with one of their super duper kids mocktails! Yummy! 

Guys I just wanna shout out the great staff that we met on board – everyone was so nice and friendly and we made so many friends. ?


Shout out to Daria – who helped us throughout our stay♥️


Shout Out to Tom – who looked after our suite and made sure our suite was immaculate ♥️


Shout out to Louis – who looked after us at Chops Grill and I kid you not one of the best steaks I have ever tasted! Yum the memory is making me hungry! #Takemeback ♥️


So my last day was a sad one but I couldnt wait to get home and play with my new Monopoly set limited edition Royal Caribbean Style – Royal Caribbean thanks so much for my lovely gift! 


I loved every part of the Royal Caribbean and would love to go again! JD was in awe of the ship head over to his blog to hear more and also get over to my mums blog Shadia Loves, you can read all about her experience on board and what she got up to! 

To check out more about the #IndependenceoftheSeas  go check out my vlog which will be available on my YouTube Channel – and one more thing before I go