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June 23, 2017

Hey Guys, Amazing Arabella here! I am so excited, New Look have thrown me a very exclusive, very VIP party at one of their massive stores in Westfield and guess what?? Its going to be featured in SHOUT MAGAZINE!! Woop Woop. 


I have invited some of my fashionably fabulous friends to my party, some of them you may recognise from my dance troupe for Bloggerholics by myself and the exceptionally talented MC DT (Loving it).


So we have arrived, so we are now backstage in New Look and we are getting prepared and beautified by my amazing creative team Creative Director Lisa Jayne Millinery, Hair Professor Remzo and MUA Karen Salandy say hello to my Amazettes ūüôā


Today I am having my hair braided back, not my normal hairstyle but I love it, and did you know that you are able to contour with airbrush Рwell neither did I, till I met Karen my MUA. Lisa is a star, she makes us all look glamorous and sparkly for my New Look 915 Teen VIP party. 


The party itself is hosted by the New Look party girls, who cant wait to get the party started! 


We are all ready and looking BEAUTFUL! 


The first game was to go into the store and put together 2 Ariana Grande outfits and dress the mannequin backstage in the outfits! Haha I love this already! 


Do you like Jelly Beans, yes mee too –¬†this is a trick or treat game challenge which some of you will love or some of you will hate! Haha give it a try I wont ruin the surprise!¬†


After some snacks and treats, its the finale and we get to walk on our very own NEW LOOK 915 TEEN Catwalk! I can’t wait!¬†


So now some pics with my beautiful, fabulous friends.


and the beautiful New Look 915 TEEN party¬†girls – Looking fabulous ladies. ūüôā

DSC_0192 (1)

Thanks so much New Look & Shout Magazine for throwing me a AMAZING VIP TEEN 915 Party, the perfect party for any party girl!

BOOK YOURS NOW by calling Westfield Stratford Store on 020 8221 4150

You can also see the article online at SHOUT MAGAZINE


Fashion  РNew Look 915 teen 

Magazine – Shout Magazine

Creative Director РLisa Jayne Millinery 

Hair Professor – Remzo

MUA – Karen Salandy

Thanks to PPA and all my friends! 



Stand Up To Bullying

June 21, 2017

Hi Guys Amazing Arabella here! 


Now its Stand up to Bullying day and me and the IT Kids are so passionate about Anti-Bullying! Yep you heard it we DO NOT have it from Bullies in any way! So we are here to raise awareness of #STANDINGUPTOBULLYING


So, we are supporting Diana Award, this iconic princess has inspired so many ladies in my family that I felt it was important to support their campaign Neon, which has been created by Paul Mitchell UK. 


Such a amazing campaign, they want to spread the message to and you can read all about it online at


So I wanted to bring to light some of the troubles that we have by showing you some poems by Clare Bevan at Scholastic about bullies and how they feel, sometimes and this is something that I want to highlight Рyou may not know that sometimes your actions could class you as a bully. Bullying doesnt just been the really horrific cases you hear or see on TV, it could also be called bullying in its mildest form.  So in light of this I would like to show you this! A quick workshop called 1 Less Bully РIt may surprise you and help you understand all the different levels of bullying are.


So how did you do?? Surprising right! Next time THINK before you ACT and understand how your actions are impacting someone else. I also wanted to teach you guys some quick e-saftey rules about Social Media – its so important to also keep safe online as bullying doesnt just happen in person, it also regularly happens online!


So I hope that you found my blog interesting and most importantly understanding what bullying is and also hope you stick to the SAFEBOOK Rules!

Head over to JD the Kid Blog for ways of tackling bullying – he has a very good action plan that can help deal with a situation