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April 17, 2017

Hey Guys, its me again and I am so excited today as I am attending the Just Imagine Launch for Clarks in Westfield Stratford. I am here with JD The Kid & Farouk James. 🙂


So Clarks has a amazing new kids range and let me tell you, the new footwear is super cool and super comfortable too! : Here are some of my favourites are the Zest Max blue and white, and the Halcy Hati all the colours are sweet! 🙂


So Clarks Kids have some super cool characters on the shoes and what’s even more cool is that they can actually come to life, yep you heard me, they can come to life by scanning the triggers that they have in store on your smart phone or tablet, how cool! I know!! 🙂


You can download the app from your App store and Google Play then all you have to do is. They are so fab! When you scan them with the app you will be able to see a dinosaur roar, a herd of horses running wild, a gorilla going ape and lots more.


So when you do this you can also have fun folding anything from from a dinosaur to a butterfly, use the Just Imagine app to create your very own origami character and because I really love it, I printed the patterns out and coloured it my own way, you can do this too by printing the online printable’s available on the app.


Now here is the cool bit, once you have done the Origami, you can make a movie with your Origami characters and you can also place the characters across four different scenes which are swamp, park, volcano and rainbow land.. Amazing right! 


Guys we loved being at the Clarks event and loved meeting all of you to tell you about the new app – make sure you make your own Origami characters and watch them come to life by scanning them at your nearest Clarks store, in Clarks store windows and in selected magazines and guys Clarks have the most friendliest team to help you with your app and also to help you get your great new shoes. 

Amazing Arabella XOXO


Shoes – Clarks 

Coat – Isossy Children

Top – Isossy Children 

Jeans – Vingino Jeans 

In to the Blue

April 13, 2017





Its great to feel great on the beach and just as its only spring we still love to feel comfortable, I am in love with the new Vingino Jeans collection available now to buy online!

There is nothing better then some stretch jeans and a cool jumper with some very cool trainers to give you a great, comfortable and very stylish look.

I have teamed this up with some cool sneakers – welcome to Spring!

Check out my new Look Book coming soon



私はこれをいくつかのクールなスニーカーとチームにしました - 春へようこそ!

Bīchi de idaina kibun ni nari, watashitachi ga mada kaiteki ni sugoseru yuiitsu no haru to onajiyōni, watashi 
wa ima onrain de kōnyū dekiru atarashī Vingino jīnzukorekushon ni koishite imasu! Anata ni subarashī, kaitekide hijō 
ni sutairisshuna gaikan o ataeru tame ni ikutsu ka no hijō ni kūruna torēnā to ikutsu ka no sutoretchijīnzu to kūruna 
janpā wa yoi mono wa nani mo arimasen. Watashi wa kore o ikutsu ka no kūruna sunīkā to chīmu ni shimashita - haru e
 yōkoso! Watashi no atarashī rukku bukku o sugu ni Chekkuauto