International Day Of The Girl

October 11, 2017

International Day of the Girl is celebrated on October 11 every year, it was created to recognise how difficult it is being a girl with the hope to get women to stand up for their fellow female for their basic human rights.


The International Day of the Girl was set up by the United Nations in 2011 and focuses on the girl as a child to celebrate that all girls have the potential to be free, not be discriminated and have the same well being as the rest of humanity


On the 11th October, the United Nations raise awareness by rallying people to shout out, lets all empower girls worldwide so that they can have better educations, better survival rates, better protection from child marriage and sexual assault and better health services.


With 1.1 billion girls in the world, the UN strives to help those girls that face disadvantage and discrimination on a daily basis and wants to highlight the struggle facing those living through crises. This year the theme of the International Day of the Girl is ‘EmPOWER girls: Before, during and after conflict’ in humanitarian emergencies gender-based violence increases.


So guys lets all celebrate us girls and empower girls all over the world – I have listed some agencies, have a read and see what they do – theyre work is amazing! 


The Malala Fund Inspired by the inspirational Malala who took a bullet for her right to an education, the organisation asks supporters ‘If one girl can chnage the world, what can 130 million girls do?’


CARE International Support an organisation who thinks that everyone has a basic right to education in the hopes that it will improve the future for everyone, CARE is also involved in the protection of girls against child marriage. She’s the first This organisation fights gender inequality through education by donating or sponsoring a girl who will be the first in their family to graduate high school.


Invisible Girl Project Help to rescue girls and end gendercide in India by signing their petition, becoming a donor to the cause or sponsoring a girl. You can sponsor young Indian girls who were previously at risk of being killed, abandoned or trafficked.


Beyonce’s BeyGood launched a campaign to help girls where she worked with United Nations & the Global Goals for Sustainable Development come into effect to achieve three extraordinary things by 2030 – end poverty, combat climate change and fight injustice and inequality.
If we are to achieve the Global Goals by 2030 we must start by empowering girls and women.
Goals that work for women and girls are goals that will work for the world.



Global Goals – Every day girls around the world are fighting for their freedom. This International Day of the Girl – join them and raise your voice:

Guys you can watch their video on YouTube its amazing – you can watch this right here 

Lets shout to the world that #GirlAreFierce

Amazing Arabella XOXO




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