Catch me and JD at Global on LBC Radio 97.3 with Nick Ferrari

January 11, 2018

Guys I have a amazing surprise for all of you, guess what myself, Mummy and JD are all going on LBC 


For those of you who don’t know what LBC is then listen up as I am sure when you get older you will be listening to it – its really cool they cover topics like politics, environment, schools, education and lots more. Today we are at Global Radio in Leicester Square to talk to Nick Ferrari about what we do, why we started and the topics we cover – he is also talking to my Mummy Shadia Loves on how she keeps us safe online and what tips and advice she can offer to other parents too. 


What a very cool place – can’t wait to meet the superstar team.


Hey look who’s in the booth its Nick Ferrarri! 


Right lets do this!

You can hear our live podcast on the LBC website right here! 

We love LBC and you have to listen to Nick Ferrari’s show – he shouted us out on the show – so here is a shout out to you Mr Nick Ferrari – we think your GREAATT! 


Cupology Saving the Environment

January 5, 2018

Hi guys so we all love to stop off at Starbucks, Nero and lots of other delicious coffee shops and we often get the take away cups and then just throw them away – this year I will be making changes to save the environment by recycling more and reusing things – so to start off with I will be always carry my re-usable cup when I am out and about! 

So I have searched around and found some really cool ones that not only look stylish and cool but will also help to save the environment. I’m doing it and you should too!

When you get yours take a pic and tag me on Instagram and Twitter and lets set a really cool trend! 

Bye for now Amazing Arabella XOXO