Believe it or not!

March 30, 2017

Wait for it guys, in London there is a attraction with its six floors jam packed full of weird and wonderful curiosities, some things off, some things WOW, amazing art and crazy experiences all founded by Robert Ripley. Who is that I hear you say well, let me tell you a little story


Robert L. Ripley (1890–1949), a cartoonist, explorer, reporter, adventurer, and collector, who travelled to 201 countries in 35 years seeking the odd, the unusual, and the unexplained, odd you may think and yes you may be right, however the founding’s led to this great attraction being formed in the heart of London’s West End in Piccadilly – here you can See 700 strange and amazing artefacts across 19 themed galleries, such as a chunk of the Berlin Wall, a knitted Ferrari, the tallest man in the world, Tower Bridge made from matchsticks, a transformer and learn some crazy historical facts about when Humans were kept in Zoo and when Money wasn’t worth anything, got your attention I’m sure I have.

Today we are taking my beautiful Mummy out for Mothers Day and we have decided to get to Ripley’s London and get to see all these oddities after which we will be heading over to the 3rd year running No 1 Child Friendly restaurant in London to Planet Hollywood located in Haymarket.


Here we are waiting for the lift to go up and there are already some oddities right here! Fascinating


Now myself and JD the Kid are always fighting for the best chair in the house – well I have found it and its larger than life 🙂

DSC_0015 (1)

This Chinese Gift Warrior is my new best friend! I will have a large bowl of Ice Cream and a magical unicorn please. 🙂

DSC_0019 (1)

This is amazing – its a hologram of a explorer in a very real office! I need this for when I am trying to hide from JD the Kid.

DSC_0020 (1)

Everyone knows I love to travel and I want to go, explore and discover the World, and not without my trusted Sprayground back pack.


This is Abraham Lincoln and this was created from old computer keyboards, guys if you wanna get artistic then come to Ripleys! You will be inspired!


I love Music here are the Beatles and Guys just to let you know my song Bloggerholics will be released on the 01st April in the US. Watch out on my social media for the link.

DSC_0039 (1)

Oh dear! What has this poor man done to deserve this – this is the torture chamber where bad people used to be subjected to horrid torture! Kids stay Good!

DSC_0043 (1)

Ohhh its one of Ripleys challenges, wonder what it is? Oh WOW when you look through its the smallest horse I have ever seen smaller than a pin head! WOW


Beam me up! We love to know more about the Black Hole and you can do just that by visiting their Space Black Hole exhibition.


Be AMAZED and get very lost in Ripleys Maze of Mirrors, I kid you not you will get lost, I told JD to get lost and her actually did this time lol!

DSC_0091 (1)

Planet Hollywood is located in Haymarket, just near Piccadilly, the staff here are sooo friendly – we have the biggest table in the restaurant and its so cool, I feel like we are in the ULTIMATE seating area, they have colouring books at the ready and introduce us to our host who will be looking after us.

At Planet Hollywood, make sure you look out for the fun messaging screens, guests can tweet their own messages, pictured right here above us and watch out for the secret roving camera, the screens flip between cartoons, movies, music and messages to transmitting LIVE footage of diners 

DSC_0099 (1)

Oh just before I forget, Planet Hollywood has a very neat shop on site – where you can buy hoodies, tees, memorabilia and even these cute teddies, I want all of them! 


Now they have a great menu with some really tasty dishes like chicken crunch, sliders,  blackened shrimp, teriyaki salmon, and the fajitas,  for kids they also have a kids menu! I have chosen sliders and garlic bread! Yum Yum. 


Surf and Turf is my next dish – look at how delicious this looks and it really is. Challenge no 1?? 


So I have a sweet tooth and yes you all know it! So I have decided to have Strawberry Cheesecake, this is like Heaven on a spoon! 


Oh O, JD the Kid – has set me a challenge to see how much I really do love Ice-Cream and has ordered this HUGE Brownie and Ice-Cream dessert! Help!


Did I finish it, haha you will have to watch the vlog on our YouTube channel! Now you are welcome to wander round and look at all of the memorabilia and they have some really great things to look at, when your there get your spy on and visit the Bond 007 room.


Or! Get your hands on The Wall of Fame! One Day hey??? 

DSC_0126 (1)

And if I havent had enough sweet things I have also found my very own Golden Ticket! Willy Wonka I am on my way get ready! 😛

DSC_0131 (1)

What a great day and what a great team they have at Planet Hollywood – it was a amazing experience, very friendly staff, food to die for and thank you to Ripleys and Planet Hollywood for making Mothers Day a great day for all of us! 


Attraction  – Ripleys London

Restaurant – Planet Hollywood

Fashion – New Look 915 Teen

Back Pack – SprayGround UK 



Lets Get Scientific

March 29, 2017

Amazing Arabella here and have we got a treat for you! 

Now as you all know I love Science and to celebrate British Science Week – I had filmed 4 great Project MC2 Videos which are all on my channel showing you how to do some unbelievable Scientific experiments, you can also read my blog on what I loved about them on the image below! IMG_8592 (1)

And theres more!  Wait for it we are visiting Birmingham to attend The Big Bang Fair! Woop Woop! 


We are travelling First Class with London Midland train and it was great fun, me and JD loved the fact that they had plug sockets where you can charge your laptop, Ipad or phone. 🙂 As you can Imagine there was lots of tweeting going on, I have bought my cute WWF friends with me… Meet Logan, Finlay and Tigger! 🙂


We are staying at Radisson Blu Birmingham in the city centre right round the corner from Birmingham New Street Station, perfect if you want to do some fab shopping whilst your there. I can’t wait to see our room, Radisson always have very lovely rooms and we are always welcomed by their staff! 


I am loving this room – the hotel has recently been refurbished and this is one of the new rooms! 


Hey and look at this bed! I can’t wait to jump inside and Logan, Finlay and Tigger look very happy too! 🙂


Haha – we just could not wait! We are way to impatient and look at what our One Piece onsie’s say “I feel the need for sleep” Yep I agree.. 


Good Morning! Wow what a comfortable bed.. I had a great night sleep, head over to my Mummys blog about our stay at Radisson Blu Birmingham. Look at this OMG I am spoilt for choice, the buffet here is amazing, you have fruit, cheese, big breakfast, juices and cereals and they will even make a omelette the way you like it. 


Like JD, I have opted for English breakfast with a smoothie as Logan told me he is very hungry this morning.. Thank you! 😛


So yesterday we received a great surprise from ISOSSY CHILDREN designer Amanda Rabor – she sent us these great outfits from her new collection, I love the fact that she has merged sportswear with a scientific twist, I think they go perfect with our light up shoes from Beam Shoes – oh and not forgetting my MadPax Duck Bag


Here we are with Now Press Play team – such sweet ladies, they fuse wireless technology, drama and sound to create unique educational experiences that bring the curriculum to life. Amazing!!! :O


We are so crazy about Mad labs – Mad labs is a grassroots innovation organisation, based in Manchester UK, their primary areas of focus are science and technology; arts and culture.


We love music as you know so was so fascinated to see what this nutty noisy professor was upto with all these gadgets and instruments. Noisy Toys is all about having fun experimenting with sound – you can see more on the vlog on our YouTube channel! 


Now for all you budding inventors out there – we came across this great stand! You can submit your invention ideas on the Cracking Ideas website – come on what are you waiting for! 🙂


Now the part of the show that I was so excited about – I got to interview Mike from Sea World he is a rollercoaster designer, imagine designing a rollercoaster from start to finish.. I would love to do that. You can hear more about what he does and his top 10 rollercoasters from around the world on our YouTube channel. 


A force to be reckoned with she called us on social media and we came to visit her STEAM stand Fayon Cottrell is a motivational radio presenter and a really lovely lady – she talked to us about STEAM and we interacted in her workshop on the stand. 


Had to pop by and say Good Luck to these girls that have entered their robot to win! Check out the vlog to see what they built! Its so Amazing! Hit them up Vex Robotics


Now if you remember a while back I learnt how to drive with Young Drivers – now I definitely want to learn to fly and you can learn all about the process behind it with Royal Air Force Engineering


So we LOVE bumping into our fans and YES they were all over the Science fair so to all the lovely fans that we took pics with make sure you at us on Twitter or Instagram. Now we bumped into this little cutie and I would just like to say she is the most cutest little fan ever! What do you think?


So after all of that excitement, I want to know who’s crew are you in. Are you a Engineer, a Scientist, a Inventor, which part of Science and Education do you love? 


I had the most amazing time at the fair, we cant wait to see you all next year. So guys make sure you get your Science on and remember SMART IS THE NEW COOL!


Wow what a amazing day, now about to have a lovely bath and off to bed!


Good Morning Lovely People! The most amazing night sleep – its been a great experience and I would just like to say that the staff here are so lovely.. A great child friendly Hotel! 🙂 Make sure you check out Radisson Blu in Birmingham, also you can see the full vlog on our YouTube Channel 

Have a great week! Amazing Arabella XOXO

Hotel – Radisson Blu Birmingham

Train – London Midland 

Onsie – Onepiece

Trainers – Beam Shoes

Event – Big Bang Fair

Tracksuit – Isossy Children