Top 10 Bags for Kids

February 16, 2017

Hi Guys Amazing Arabella and JD the Kid here, we are back and hope your have all enjoyed your half term – we definitely did!

We have a great top 10 for you today and its our top 10 bags for school, travelling or if you just need a bag for a bit of fashion and style.

Our top 10 bags for kids and teens has you covered! We hope you love them! 

So here goes here are our top 10 bags 




Here we have some great bags that we used for school and travelling – they are both from Gap and come in lots of different colours. Gap have a great range of bags, which can be used for just about anything including school and recreation.




This converse bag is super doper cool – its more of a gym bag but we found that the size and material allowed me to put everything inside it without having to carry an extra bag. Its also great for swimming – this also comes in different colours



New Look.

This is a satchel bag from New Look – this is a great book bag and has some really neat outer and inside pockets to carry your pens and other small accessories – the design is fab and is a mix of  leather and material.




Sainsburys – have a great school bag range, they cater for boys and girls and come in great designs like Satchels and drawstring bags




Ratchet is a clothing brand that caters for all ages – they have a great bag range with some very cool graffiti designs – again a great bag for multi use.




Smiggle is a very cool brand – they have stores in Westfield and in most other major shopping centres – they have a great range of bags including this very cool bag, there are three compartments on the front and two on the side with a felt=tip compartment and a tablet or small laptop compartment – very cool for school we think!




Hype Bags are super cool and are at the moment featuring Nickelodeon SpongeBob bags which have all the characters on them and come in some very vibrant great colours for boys and girls. They have a compartment on the front and another inside. 




Madpax is one of our favourite bag ranges they come in crazy out of this world designs, some have spikes on them and some have shells. The bags comin in large and mid sized and also if you really wanna get mad about Madpax they have these really cute miniature versions of the real size ones that you can clip onto your bag.




Well what can we say we love SprayGround and their designs are again out of this world, the brand are known for their out of the box thinking when it comes to bag designs. They have partenered up with some of the top brands in the world such as Sponge Bob, Marvel, Lamborghini plus many many more to create you a bag like you have never seen before.



And The Winner is??

Well now you have heard all about our top 10 bags and where they are from we would like to tell you about our favourite bags of all!! Drum Roll Please

We love all the brands but the Richie Rich Bag and the Wings of Fire from SprayGround they have taken the lead easy for us to put our laptops and other blogging equipment in very comfortable to wear – durable and great in any weather – superb designs.!

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You can also get this article in Raring2Go Magazine next month. 

Bye for now! x

Young Driver

January 25, 2017

Hey Guys – so last year I started to learn how to drive and wait for it – I can drive! Watch out Vroooom.  Learning to drive has to be one of the best things you can do – so here we go! 


Day one – we have been booked into Brent Cross Young Drivers School – here you can learn to drive as soon as you turn 11 years old. 


I am introduced to the driving instructor, I am so excited – move over Lewis Hamilton Amazing Arabella is here!DSC_0003

This is the course that I will get to drive around – as you can see you have lots of parts that you can turn, drive and learn all about road signs, indicating and lots of other driving tools. 

DSC_0007 (1)

Ok so, first I have to say – why do Mum’s get  so emotional when you are doing something new – I had to give my Mummy a hug and tell her I would be fine – she got a little teary eyed!  Aww Mummy I love you! 🙂 Off to the car we go! I am so excited! DSC_0009 (1)

Right I am in the car – the instructor is great and he goes through my starting routine – this is a list of things that I need to do when I get into the car, before I drive off. 

First Seat Belt On Check! Mirrors Check! Blind Spots Check! Gear Check! Pedals covered Check! Right Lets Go!!! 

DSC_0012 (1)

Hey I’m driving – how AMAZING is this! I am actually driving. I am so happy!  The Instructor tells me to turn the corner slowly, keeping both hands on the steering wheel


Round and round we go – this is crazy and so amazing – its actually just sublime! I love it – I think with practice I will get really good at this. 


There you go all done! Thanks so much I am now ready to be a race car driver 🙂

DSC_0023 (1)

Now you can book a course at Young Driver, they have a few options and even some party options – go online to book yours here. 


Right so now I am officially a Young Driver – I can’t wait to get my provisional license. 


Thanks so much Young Driver – Guys have a birthday coming up or if its that time of year when you are able to choose a gift – tell them all about Young Driver and get yourself driving.


Jacket – Christian Spring London 

Watch – Michael Kors