Pass on Plastic with WWF and SKY

January 24, 2018
Hey Guys I love WWF  and Celebrating the 1 year anniversary of Sky’s Ocean Rescue campaign on 24th Jan, WWF are continuing their work with them by supporting the Pass On Plastic to inspire behaviour change.
The Sky Ocean Rescue campaign is aiming to reduce the plastic entering our oceans, meaningless pollution, and further protection for our planet.
Pass On Plastic will encourage businesses, communities and consumers to not only pass on using
single-use plastic, but also to pass the challenge to a friend, colleague or loved one.
Why this works?
This is simple, yet incredibly powerful. It provides people with the opportunity to commit to small changes in their everyday lives to reduce their single-use plastic consumption and pass on the challenge to a friend, colleague or loved one can very simple.
Pass On Plastic has a playful double meaning which can help further spread the message in a lighthearted and visual way. Not only can YOU make a difference by making small changes, but you can challenge/empower others to do so too.
Here are 10 ways you to can pass on plastic
  1. Use refillable bottles instead of plastic bottles
  2. Use a bag for life
  3. Take a reusable cup for hot drinks
  4. Say no to plastic straws – don’t use them or use bamboo or paper alternatives
  5. Say no to plastic cutlery
  6. Say no to plastic cotton buds and use paper ones instead
  7. Opt for loose fruit and veggies rather than the packaged variety – plus it’s often cheaper!
  8. Swap your toothbrush for a plastic-free one
  9. Avoid products that contain microbeads – now banned in the UK, but you may have some in your cupboard
  10. Get refills for your favourite beauty products
So guys what you waiting for lets help save the planet and #PassOnPlastic

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